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Psychological Counselling aims to help people manage their difficulties and transform personal problems into their own personal growth.

  • Child counselling

    Child counsellingIn this we deal with understanding the child and helping them overcome the undesired behavior. Counselling for children and young people may differ from counselling for adults, and will depend on the child’s age, specific difficulties and their development. Different methods may be used to encourage young children to be able to express their difficulties, such as play and art. For example, reading stories and talking about feelings of a character in that story may help the child to discuss their own feelings, or drawing/painting/drama may help children to express themselves. These methods all give the counsellor a great insight into the unconscious mind of the child.

    Older children may prefer talking therapy, or a mixture of both, and the counselling approach will depend on a particular individual. Although different methods may be used for counselling children, the aim of counselling for both children and adults is ultimately the same; to help the individual cope better with their emotions and feelings.
    Counselling children and young people involves helping the child to develop a positive attitude to life, recognise their strengths and express themselves. It does not involve making decisions for the child, imposing beliefs on them or preaching.

  • Adult Counselling

    Adult CounsellingThis deals with problems faced by adults in their workplace, relationship conflicts, adjustment problems, stress management. The journey as an adult can be a bumpy road that sometimes requires tremendous support. This is particularly true when you are feeling depressed, anxious or confused about a current life situation. These feelings can be compounded when all the daily stressors of your job, children or marriage leave you with little time to focus on your problems. The counseling relationship can help you focus on the areas in your life that you want to improve.

    In a counseling session, we will help you overcome problems by identifying causes of pain or stress, and discovering barriers that interfere in life. Through the counseling relationship you will gain the insight needed to help you realize your weaknesses and maximize your potential for positive growth and change.

  • Teenage Counselling

    Teenage CounsellingCareer Counselling – This helps children to understand their skills /abilities and aptitude in choosing their career.
    This also deals with a varied variety of problems faced by teenagers like low self-confidence, fears and phobias, inferiority complex, anger, lack of concentration in studies and relationship issues.
    Adolescents are complex, and parents are not given an instruction manual with their infants. Parents worry constantly about how they grow, develop, and what kind of person they will become. Sometimes, parents are simply facing issues with their child that they do not know how to handle. Many children and adolescents stumble as they are growing and families find that they need the help of therapy. A wide range of problems can be addressed through therapy.

  • Parent Counselling

    Parent CounsellingParent—child Bond –This helps in developing the bond between the Parent and child by educating Parents about the emotional needs and development of the child.
    Parenting Styles –This helps in educating and analyzing the parent about their parenting styles and changing them if required. Eg: Authoritative style, Passive style, Punitive style, etc.

  • Marital Counselling

    • Pre-Marital Counselling –

      It helps the couple to become aware of various aspects about marriage and how to deal with them skillfully.

    • Post-Marital Counselling –

      It helps the couple to understand each other, their limitations and strengths and makes them develop a strong bond.

    • Marriage Disputes –

      It has been observed very commonly that marital relationships after a particular period becomes “Taken For Granted”. The difference of opinion starts creating bridge between the couples. We help the couples to bridge this gap lead a happy life.