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Dr. P. N. Kadam

Sankalpa® Treatment Center for Body and Mind (est.in 1997) is a Pioneer concept in Integrated Medical System by Dr.P.N.Kadam an Allopath, who is doing indigenous research activity in Psycho-somatic and Life Style disorders. This was the first effective implementation of the thought that no Pathy(Treating Process in order to cure the diseases or disorders) is complete and in order to “Cure” a Doctor must learn an appropriate integration of Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy etc. The concept based on two age old sayings – “Prevention is better than Cure” and “If You want to Heal Your Body You MUST First Heal Your Mind” are the keywords of Sankalpa®

More about Dr.Kadam

Dr. P.N.Kadam – An allopath, in medical practice since 26 yrs. Started his career as Govt. Medical officer after passing M.P.S.C. He was honored with an award of “Ideal Medical Officer” in 1992. After running successfully a general hospital from 1992 to 1997, he decided to go for institutionalized work to study the chronic disorders. It was then, when he pioneered the concept of “Integrated Medical System” to achieve “Root cause elimination”.

A dedicated approach against all the odds and established modern medical system, it took away the premium and golden period of his life in the research of the concept to fight the growing nos. of “Life Style Disorders” He brought Allopathy- Ayurveda-Homeopathy-Naturopathy together and more importantly study and counseling of the psychology of the patient under one roof of “Sankalpa Treatment Centre for Body and Mind” – an institution which has received National Registration as well as Recognition. He has conducted 1000+ lectures on various health related subject as well as he has conducted 300+ full time (2-3 days) workshops on Stress Management, Mind Control and self development and Attitudinal Shift.

A National trainer, who is working hard to create awareness to fight against the “Life Style Disorders”, is well versed in English, Hindi and of course Marathi – his mother tongue. Soft spoken, self disciplined and a positive thinker who feels that a New Era in Medical Management is bound to come where more than the big Hospitals Health centers will be required. Apart from his basic Allopathy he has done Diploma in Naturopathy, M.Sc.in Psychotherapy.

His positive approach in this field has made him study basics of Ayurveda, Homeopathy , Hypnotherapy , Yoga and Pranayama and so on. “Sankalpa Human Resource Development Corporation” is the teaching, training activity of Dr.Kadam. In this unit he is providing training to no.of people to develop an household business and also to develop leadership qualities in co-ordination with the world’s best Health care products marketed by “K-Link Health Care (I) pvt.ltd”.


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