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How the Psychological problems are treated at “Sankalpa”?

“Sankalpa” has the most innovative approach in advising solutions in different psychological problems. In contrast to any other text book fashioned monotonous counseling, Sankalpa believes in applied behavioral therapy based on the wide and vast knowledge and practical approach of Dr.Kadam and his team.

A detail history taking to understand the depth of the problem, its impact on the individual as well as on the family, trying to find out the Root cause and also the risk factors involved. For example: Suicidal or Homicidal tendency or attempts.

Every individual in this universe bears his/her own idea and approach towards life. We atSankalpa try to facilitate the Good inside which automatically reduces the negativity.

Should I discontinue the medication I am already taking?

We do not advice/advocate to stop your ongoing treatment / medication.
We at SANKALPA work towards giving a patient treatment advice based on an integrated approach to medicine consisting of a team of allopaths,ayurvedacharya,homeopath and natuuropath.

Can we get advise for patients in ICU or who are seriously ill -even at Home?

Yes. Two important factors in the recovery of these patients are proper Nutrition and Detoxification.
As on today the limitations & iatrogenic complications in Allopathy in treating these -more than 70%- disorders to restore health have put a big question mark..........???
We believe that restoration of health is a Natural phenomenon which depends on - 1.How effectively Toxins- Free radicals- are being removed & 2.Providing proper nourishment to the cells - unit of our body.
In "Sankalpa" we concentrate on these two important issues. However we never advise to discotinue Allopathic Treatment provided its being used only as a supportive tool for body to recover Naturally by boosting immunity.

Which are the different diseases / disorders for which one can get advise in SANKALPA?

Any Lifestyle Disorder where we expect Restoration of Health by acieving Physiological & Biochemical normalcy for Optimum Health.
These include Hypertension,Diabetes,Gastric ulcer,Coronary Heart Disease,Asthma,Arthritis, Any Psychological problem from Anxiety-Depression to Insomnia.

What is the Aim, Objective & Contribution of Sankalpa in Medical Field?

In todays fast paced Life living for 100 yrs.has become a dream project. Prevalence of Life style Disorders in Young age is threatening the world. Limitations and Complications of Allopathy have been mentioned critically even by W.H.O.
"Sankalpa" since last 15yrs. is looking to develop a New methodology in Medical field with a proper integration of Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and its allied branches to achieve a true positive health in the society.