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nutritionDo we eat to live or live to eat?
In this world every being requires proper nutrition for his adequate growth. Good nutrition will lead to healthy growth and immunity & improper nutrition will lead to disease and disorders. Today’s growing habit of eating junk food and irregular timings of eating food has led to many lifestyle disorders (Diabetes, Cardio vascular disorders, Hypertension, etc) and even kidney and liver failure.
The requirement of nutrients changes according to place, time and season. Fulfilling this requirement is very important to achieve optimum health. We at ‘Sankalpa’ have developed a unique combination of natural food and nutrition supplements which helps you to achieve this goal of optimum nutrition.

  • Detoxification


    In today’s life where time has become a scarcity, more and more people are opting for ready to eat food and fast foods. But do we stop to think about the nutrient content of these foods? Also we do not foresee that because of the external and internal factors (eg: air/water pollution, use of pesticide) our body has become a dump house of toxins. At ‘Sankalpa’ the solution is very simple: ‘Detoxification on a regular basis’.

  • Weight gain

    Weight Gain

    At ‘Sankalpa’ we believe in maintaining a balance. Hence achieving a desired weight is important through weight gain is important. The process of weight gain has to be a cautious process where the weight gain is achieved with increase in lean weight along with increase in vigor, strength and endurance.

  • Weight loss

    Weight Loss

    Obesity/overweight has become a serious health problem because our sedentary lifestyle and busy schedule. We at ‘Sankalpa’ promote weight loss in a slow and steady process. A process which not only ensures a healthy weight loss but also helps in maintaining the lost weight with minimum efforts.

  • Cardio vascular disorders

    Cardio vascular

    Cardio vascular disorders are the most hazardous byproduct of modernization. Therefore we believe in a ‘Back to Basics’ approach when dealing with heart disorders. ‘Back to Basics’ implies an active lifestyle, a diet which mainly constitutes of freshly prepared foods and seasonal fruits and a strong mind to combat the stress levels.

  • Kidney disorders

    Kidney disorders

    When kidneys are affected the metabolism of proteins, electrolytes and water is disturbed. Therefore careful menu planning is very important. The priorities in the diet may change according to the type of kidney disorder.

  • Liver disorder

    Liver disorders

    One of the most important functions of liver is detoxification of our body. So the diet should be very simple which has minimum toxic load. Also the diet should be rich in vitamins and proteins but low in fats.