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In today’s fast paced life, disorders are changing from infectious / epidemics to lifestyle disorders. The root cause is lack of awareness & knowledge about Body & Mind relationship. 70% of the patients all over the world are suffering from these lifestyle disorders or psychosomatic disorders which include diabetes, hypertension, asthma, arthritis & gastro-duodenal ulcer & even cancer.All the above disorders pass through 4 phases.

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Once organic stage is reached, there starts the limitations for the reversal of the disease process & the person has to depend on recurrent / Repeated hospitalization, ICU admissions, permanent injectibles or medicines.

Sankalpa Treatment Center for Body & Mind is proudly working on the 1st 3 phases to achieve 100% reversal of these lifestyle disorders& even in the 4th stage we use the most effective Detox Therapy & nutritional advise in different disorders.

  • When there is difficulty in arriving at diagnostic conclusion irrespective of no. of investigations.
  • When diagnosis is available but there is confusion / ambiguity in selecting the treatment.
  • When long term treatment / therapies are going on & there is no or little result.

‘Sankalpa’ with its pioneer research can help in all above cases for best possible result.


How the Psychological problems are treated at “Sankalpa”?

“Sankalpa” has the most innovative approach in advising solutions in different psychological problems. In contrast to any other text book fashioned monotonous counseling, Sankalpa believes in applied behavioral therapy based on the wide and vast knowledge and practical approach of Dr.Kadam and his team.

A detail history taking to understand the depth of the problem, its impact on the individual as well as on the family, trying to find out the Root cause and also the risk factors involved. For example: Suicidal or Homicidal tendency or attempts.

Every individual in this universe bears his/her own idea and approach towards life. We atSankalpa try to facilitate the Good inside which automatically reduces the negativity.