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Our Team


Rashi Gandhi

M.A Counseling Psychology She has 5 years of experience in Counseling. She also holds a Diploma in Hypnotherapy. Besides this, she is also certified in Metaphor therapy, Play Therapy, Su Jok Therapy and various other Alternative Therapies. She has a friendly approach with good analytical skills. She is currently pursuing in Ph. D.


Dr. Manisha Kadam

BAMS, M.D. (Ayu) Ayurvedic Consultant. She has 5 years of Experience.

Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist

Ruchi Rana

M.A Clinical Psychology. She has 5 years of experience in Counseling.

Jyoti Ahuja

Legal adviser, Family court lawyer. She works as Family conflict counselor. She has 11 yrs of experience.

Nutritionist / Dietitian

Renuka Lakhamade

P. G. Diploma Nutrition & Diet She has an experience of 9 years. She has worked in various medical fields like oncology, gynecology and endocrinology, diabetology, etc . She has also worked as a consultant in health spa, fitness centers and reputed gymnasiums. She works with a holistic approach and believes in treating the root cause rather than symptomatic relief.