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When life and death are playing a game of hide and seek.


Vinayak, 35/M

When life and death are playing a game of hide and seek.

  • A case of dengue fever addmitted in ICU for drastic reduction in Platelets threatning his life.
  • His platelet count was just 6000/cmm.
  • 4 Units of packed cells/transfusions were done without any change in the count.
  • Hospital Authorities declared the seriousness with the words..Anything can happen now..

We Thought of the Ultimate Solution....

Results were Unbelievable...

  • Platelet Count @22.30hrs = 36,000 cmm.
  • 2nd Day evening..... 65,000 cmm.
  • 3rd Day evening....95,000cmm.

4th day evening...patient discharged with a count of 1,32,000 cmm.


Flexion Deformity in all 4 limbs causing contracture, also difficulty in swallowing.

Mr. Anil, 53yrs.

On Examination:

  • Muscle Power in all extremities - 0.
  • Feeding through Ryles Tube.
  • Loss of Orientation.

Slurred Speech.


Platelet Counts

In last one and half year more than 180 patients suffering from reduction in platelet count due to multiple reasons - majority of them suuffering from Dengue. recovered with only Nutritional therapy suggested at "Sankalpa".

A complete recovery from Aplastic Anaemia exclusively with K-Link Nutritional Supplements.

Letter from Sudhir :

Dear Sir,

Please find the attached reports from April,2011.

My health check-up in April 2010 was perfectly alright.

In Aug,2010 report when low platelets were found and further the Aplastic Anaemia was detected. From Jan - April 2011, Platelets went down as 10,000 and counts did not rise up. Haemoglobin was not stable & transfusion continued as 3 bottles / week.

I took your advice on 7th April,2011. K-link products were started on 8th April and last blood transfusion was done on 14th April,2011. My health started showing all the improvements. I was unable to climb a single staircase and walk a distance of 25 meters.

Now a long walk, 3-4 staircases at stretch and driving 50 to 60 kms. daily.

I thank K-link for this New Life..... 

With Best Wishes,

Sudhir Vadodriya, Pune.

Sudhir Vadodriya

Loose Motions with Reddish Brown Colour.


  • Loose Motions with Reddish Brown Colour.
  • Undernourished, weakness++, Stool 20-25 times a day since 10months.


  • Two renowned hospitals had rejected admission for???? Unknown Reason
  • Clinical Diagnosis: ?Ulcerative colitis? Chronic non-specific Amoebic Dysentry.
  • Routine Treatment with almost all the available Anti-biotics, Anti-Amoebicsand an effort to rehydrate with I.V Fluids and B.complex supplementwas going on for 10 monthswith either no or little effect.

We thought of Lifestyle Modification, Counseling and Nutritional Therapy with the help of K-Link products.


  • Change in colour of Stool from reddish brown to green in 72 hrs.
  • Frequency of Loose Stools from 25 to 15 in 72 hrs.
  • Change in Stool from loose to formed in 7 days.

General feeling of well being and activeness within 7 days.

Shantabai Mutha